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9L Water and 6L Water additive models – FX6000WA & FX9000W

Water – FX6000WA & FX9000W

FX6000WA & FX9000WThese Kitemarked 6 Litre Water Additive and 9 Litre Water Fire Extinguishers offer excellent fire fighting suppression for class ‘A’ fires involving solids containing carbonaceous materials like paper, wood, straw and textiles. Water Extinguishers are easy to use and their contents are neither harmful to people or damaging to the environment. Ideal for office fires (non-electrical), warehouses containing combustible items such as wood, carpets or paper goods, in packaging areas, etc.

  • BS EN3 Kitemarked & CE Marked.
  • FX6000WA model Certified to MED and marked with the “Ships Wheel” logo.
  • Stored pressure.
  • Thermoplastic internal coating to prevent corrosion.
  • Corrosion resistant epoxy coated cylinder.
  • Brass valve with durable steel operating handles & easy to read pressure gauge.
  • Simple squeeze grip operation & controllable discharge.
  • Supplied with wall mounting “J” bracket & protective durable plastic base.
  • Exceptional fire fighting performance with very high fire ratings achieved.

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Technical Specifications

  • Capacity
  • Extinguishing medium
  • Fire Rating
  • Cylinder volume
  • Gross weight


  • 9 Litre
  • Water
  • 21A
  • 11.4 Litre
  • 14Kg


  • 6 Litre
  • Water Additive
  • 34A
  • 9.8 Litre
  • 10.2Kg