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Foam – FX50LAF Wheeled Extinguisher


FX50KDPFoam Mobile Fire Extinguishers are excellent multi-purpose fire extinguishers offering protection against class A, B, C fires. This wheeled extinguisher is completely self-contained and manufactured to provide protection for hazardous areas where the potential exists for large fires. They can be strategically located to provide maximum protection for a wide variety of hazards, while taking up a minimum of space. Ideal for use to protect people and property in warehouses, paint spray booths, offshore platforms, loading racks, fuel storage areas, airport facilities, loading docks and heavy manufacturing operations. This 50 Litre AFFF Foam model will extinguish class A (carbonaceous) fires and class B (flammable liquid) fires and has been specifically formulated to   provide maximum firefighting capabilities while at the same time providing minimal environmental impact and human exposure hazard.


  • CE certified to the European Pressure Equipment Directive.
  • Stored Pressure.
  • Pistol grip discharge nozzle for excellent control.
  • Easy to manoeuvre.
  • Controlled Discharge.
  • Manufactured in accordance with and tested to BS EN1866.

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Technical Specifications

  • Capacity
  • Extinguishing medium
  • Fire Rating


  • 50L
  • AFFF Foam
  • 34A – IIB (to BS EN1866)